Hi mamas! Welcome!

I’m SO glad you’ve found my little part of the web. I hope and pray it’s a helpful and encouraging place for you right where you are! Motherhood is hard, and can be isolating… but YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

When it comes to parenting- what IS best?

Have you ever been overwhelmed by all of the opinions everyone has about parenting?! Me, too!

I created this page to help you, as a young mama (or mama of young kids), sift through all of that information.

When I became pregnant, I began to consume hours of information about parenting, and, as my kids have grown, the more I’ve learned! One of my favorite parts of motherhood is how much I’ve learned in the process, and I’m here to share what I’ve learned with you.

We all want what’s best for our babies, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out exactly what “best” means. Our mamas, grandmothers, and friends are all saying different things; so what’s right?

We want to enjoy motherhood and thrive at home, but we don’t know what’s for dinner, when to care for ourselves, or how to entertain our toddlers. Our houses are a mess, our hair in a bun, and our attitude, well, that’s sub-par, too.

I want to help you love motherhood.

I want to help you figure out the little things (like safe sleep, starting solids, toddler emotions) so you can soak up and enjoy the big things (really ENJOYING your babies, and learning WHO they are while pointing them to who CHRIST is). I‘m here to share with you what the experts are saying, but not with the goal of weighing you down. I want you to be FREE.

I want you to be free from the fear of failing your children.

Rest in Christ; he is our Father AND theirs. HE IS IN CONTROL, YOU ARE NOT. Knowledge and clean kitchen counters are great, but they are not the end goal. Raising children who know and love Jesus is the goal; let’s get everything else out of the way.

I’m here for you mama; look to Christ.

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About me

I’m Anna– a follower of Christ, wife, stay-at-home mama of two toddlers, and former teacher

My love for teaching has turned into a passion to learn about different aspects of motherhood and parenting, and to share what I’m learning with my mama friends! This then turned into wanting to share with a wider audience, and this blog was born!

I hope to share some information you didn’t know, as well as some tips to help you thrive and love this season. It’s hard, mamas, but we were made for this.


Lots of love,