Baby Registry Tips for a first time mama

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Registering for your first baby is TOUGH, you guys! There are so many things to learn, so many places you could register, and a million options for everything! Let me help you figure this out with these baby registry tips; YOU CAN DO THIS!

Check out my other posts on creating a baby registry: Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist and 12 Things You DON’T NEED on your baby registry. Be sure to download my Baby Registry Checklist to use when you’re registering and receiving gifts!

When do I start my baby registry?

When you start your baby registry is up to you! I was finished with my firstborn’s registry when I was only 11 weeks pregnant. After experiencing a loss before him, I was very anxious, but also hopeful and excited to begin planning for his arrival.

Whenever you decide to start your registry is the right time! However, try to have it finished at least a few weeks before your first shower!

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Where and how do I register?

Do not register at more than two places. More than two registries is just too much to juggle: for you and everyone else.

DO NOT register for EVERYTHING at BOTH places. SPLIT UP your registry between the places; i.e. only register for a car seat at ONE place. Otherwise you run a higher risk of getting duplicate gifts, and therefore will have to return more items.

1. Amazon

Amazon is by far the best place to register for anything (in my opinion). They have benefits like a welcome box and completion discount for items left on your registry. Family and friends don’t have to leave their houses to purchase your gifts; and they have the option of shipping the gift right to your house (which is especially helpful these days!). With Amazon, you just register online. You search for a product you want, click “Add to List” and add to your baby registry. It’s so simple! I also love that you can look at the reviews right there to see how others have liked the product.

2. Walmart/Target

(or another physical store that is close to you)

I don’t know about you, but I have older family members and church friends who have yet to fall in love with online shopping. They prefer to physically go to stores and shop for gifts. This is why you should register somewhere with a storefront.

I chose Target because I liked their baby clothes and nursery decor better than Walmart. I did go to Target to finish registering, but only because I thought it would be a fun experience with my husband. Registering online was much easier!

3. Babylist

I have friends who have used Babylist and love it! You can add items to it from any website; which means all of your items can be in one place! This makes it easier to see what you’ve registered for, what you need, and what people have bought.

clickable download of the Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist PDF

What do I register for?

There are SOOO many lists on Pinterest about this! I may be a little biased, but I’ve written a very extensive blog post that you should check out! I’ve included links to articles and resources that were very helpful to me as a first time mama! I recommend printing out my PDF and checking things off as you register for them, then marking them off as you receive the items!

I’ve also written a blog post about what NOT to put on your registry. There are so many baby items out there (and more and more every single day). You don’t need all the things!

Thanks for reading these baby registry tips; I hope they were helpful!

Be sure to check out my other posts about preparing for baby, and be on the lookout for my next two posts: “Practical Baby Shower Tips (for the mom-to-be)”, and “3 Things to do with baby gifts you don’t need”.

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