25+ gifts your husband (or ANY man) will love!

Raise your hand if you wish you could get away with never buying a gift for a man ever again?!

*Every woman on earth raises her hand*

Yep. Men are IMPOSSIBLE.

Women? Give me a date night, a cup of coffee, or a chocolate bar and I’m THRILLED.

Men? Nope. Nada. They’ll take it back. Every. single. time. (or, WORSE, never even open it and throw it in the bottom of the closet).

(Keep reading for some hopefully more-than-mediocre gift ideas for the men in your life this year)

Not your man/dad/brother? They always LOVE your gifts, you say?

Well, good for you, Karen, you’ve cracked the code! Please, PUHLEASE share it with us!

But for real, I’ve tried reallllly hard on this and gotten the approval of the men in my life before sharing with you all. I’m not promising anything, but here it is…. solidarity, sister.

May your husband/father/brother/son open your gift this year, and may he use it multiple times and not ask for the receipt. ūüėČ

Oh, and check out my “Gift Guide for Women” if you haven’t yet!

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Gifts for every man

Nice Cooler

My husband got a cooler like this at Walmart a few years ago and has just loved it! We take it to the beach with us every year. We transport cold things in it for the trip and then use it for drinks and snacks each day while on the beach! It has been a great investment (and not as big of an “investment” as a Yeti!). He also has these freezer packs which have been AWESOME.

Rachet Belt

Men and belts! haha! Both my dad and my husband RAVE about their rachet belts. My husband has two of these belts that he just LOVES! He highly, highly recommends them!

Fleece Columbia Jacket

My husband loves these jackets because they’re warm, but thin! He says he can move around in them and they’re not too bulky. The rest of us also have them!

Waterproof Boots

My husband loves these boots so much that he wants another pair of them! They’re great for hiking, rain, snow, as well as working!

Wool Socks

Wool socks are a must with work boots (or with men who work hard and sweat in general)! Wool has amazing properties like being antibacterial, antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, and long-lasting! You can wear all year round as well!

High-quality Pillow

This is on my Gift Guide for Moms also! My husband had one before I did, and it has really improved the quality of our sleep!

I can’t, however, promise whoever receives this will fall asleep in .3 seconds like my husband, though (SO ANNOYING, amirite!?!?!?).

Slim Wallet

My best friend’s husband got one of these last year and my husband just HAD to have one (MIND YOU, I HAD LITERALLY JUST BOUGHT HIM A NEW WALLET, BUT I DIGRESS….). He reallllly loves it! He says “no one carries cash these days anyway”.

New Hat

J (I’ll call my husband “J” from now on, because I’m annoying myself) has bought this hat twice now. He loves that it fits well, is patriotic, and is black and matches everything!

Carhart Beanie

My aunt and cousin told me that these are all the rage this year for everyone! I didn’t know, because I’m not very “in-the-know”, but these look comfy!

Electric Razor

Every man could use an electric razor!

Hair clippers

I started cutting my husband’s hair at the beginning of the lockdown and I haven’t stopped. It’s actually not too hard (to do a SIMPLE cut; totally not knocking barbers… I’m NOT a professional! haha)! A good set of clippers will get you started! And YouTube is your friend!

Jack Black Lip Balm

My best friend’s husband has super dry lips and this has been the only thing she’s been able to find that helps it! This could be a great stocking stuffer or little gift for those men in your life who struggle with that as well!

Pocket Knife

J says don’t buy expensive pocket knives for men because they’re either a) going to lose them, or b) going to have to throw them away before they can enter somewhere. Word to the wise! haha!

Phone Charging Pad

We both have and love these phone charging pads!

Apple Watch

My brother and father both have have love their Apple Watches! (I mean, along with a lot of other people, haha!)

55″ (plus) TV

I don’t even need to write anything here. Get a TV if you want to win any man’s Christmas.

Gifts for the Handy man


J says these headlamps are the bomb and he loves his (no he didn’t say “the bomb”, but that’s what he meant!). He uses this all the time when he’s working on a project!

Measuring Tapes

“You can never have enough measuring tapes” -J

Drill Bits

“Same as measuring tapes, you can never have enough.” -J

I know these are RIVETING descriptions, but, as I’m not a man and my husband is at work and can’t help me write the descriptions right now, this is what you’re getting. haha!

Gifts for the Grilling man

Gift Certificates to The Meating Place (or a local butcher/meat shop)

If you’re local, the meat from The Meating Place is INSANE, y’all. Everything we’ve gotten has been HEADS AND TAILS above any meat I’ve ever tasted! You can order your meat online and pick it up; it’s so easy!

They also have a “dine-in” option with delicious deli sandwiches!

Digital Meat thermometer

THIS HAS BEEN J’S FAVORITE PURCHASE THIS YEAR! He loves it. It’s magnetic and sticks to our fridge, so actually, I’ve used it a lot too when cooking inside!

Grilling Accessories

You can’t go wrong with some grilling accessories for the grilling man in your life!

Flat-Top Grill

This is J’s dream gift for this year. He binge watches The Hungry Hussey on YouTube…. so he’s pretty much convinced himself that he could be a great cook if he JUST had a flat-top grill! haha!


Pretty much every man has gotten a Traeger smoker this year, but just in case yours hasn’t (and you have a lot of cash for a gift), it’s on this list!

Not gonna lie, the meat from these things looks YUMMMOOOOO.

Gifts for the Work-from-home man

I definitely outsourced this portion of list. Thanks guys for helping!

Blue light blocking glasses

I need to add these to my list for Moms, but these glasses have been all-the-rage this year!

Computer Headset with Microphone

These are a must-have to help with focus while working-at-home with kids around! These would probably even be helpful for kids who are learning at home as well!

Lap Desk

A lap desk is essential for when you need a change of scenery from your home office (or make-shift home office as many have now).

Home Office Chair

In order to work from home comfortably, you need a comfortable chair that won’t’ kill your body. This one has great reviews!

Chair Mat

My friend who works from home said that his chair is killing his hardwood floors in his “office”, and that he really needs one of these to protect it!

That’s it, guys! I know I complained a lot at the beginning, but it really ended up being a lot easier than a thought, and even easier than the Mom’s list, crazy!

What are you buying your men this year? What did I miss!?

Thanks for reading,

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