Best toys for 2 year olds

Our favorite toys for 2 and 3 year olds-pretend play, outdoor play, creative play, and more!

This is a list BEST toys for 2 year olds that my kids have reached for over and over again!

I. love. good. toys.

I also love a good toy list or “gift guide”.

So, that’s what this is: compilation of my kids’ favorite toys from 2 through 3, and maybe a few toys I wish we had (that friends have), as well as some toys that are on our wish list for this year!

Let me know; what are your kids’ favorite toys? Did I miss any 2-3 year old toys that I need to add to my list!?

best toys for 2 year old boys
My sweet baby boy; Christmas morning 2019 (newly 2 years old)

Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist

The ONLY Baby Registry Checklist you need! From a mama who LOVES to research baby items!

baby boy registry checklst

Y’all, I am a SUCKER for a good baby registry checklist.

I was finished with my registry by the time I was 11 weeks pregnant with my firstborn. I Pinterested all-the-baby registry checklists and compiled my own to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Now that I’ve had two babies, I’ve refined my list and only included the things I used and loved (or that my friends have loved) and would buy again. Here’s the Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist; I hope it’s helpful!