Things you DON’T need on your baby registry

12 baby items everyone SAYS you need for your new baby, but you don’t!

Here’s my list of what things you DON’T need on your baby registry!

(Check out this post if you need my list of what you DO need to register for!!)

Everyone has opinions on all things baby: your mother, mother-in-law, best friend, best friend’s mom, all the ladies at church, the random person in the grocery store who notices you’re pregnant… they will all (very) freely share their opinions with you.

They’re trying to be kind and helpful (it helps to remind yourself of this!), but sometimes, honestly, it’s bad advice that goes against what doctors and research says now. Take in the advice, sure, but weigh it against “best practice” .

Things have changed since your grandmother had kids (we have car seats now, for example…haha). DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, mama. There aren’t many things more important than keeping your baby safe and healthy.

Some items people recommend don’t necessarily go against “best practice”, they just aren’t necessary. Check out this list of 12 things you don’t need on your baby registry.

Let me know in the comments if I missed something, or if I really offended you because you love an item on my list! 😉 No judgement from me, mama!

things you don't need for new baby

Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist

The ONLY Baby Registry Checklist you need! From a mama who LOVES to research baby items!

baby boy registry checklst

Y’all, I am a SUCKER for a good baby registry checklist.

I was finished with my registry by the time I was 11 weeks pregnant with my firstborn. I Pinterested all-the-baby registry checklists and compiled my own to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Now that I’ve had two babies, I’ve refined my list and only included the things I used and loved (or that my friends have loved) and would buy again. Here’s the Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist; I hope it’s helpful!

Baby clothes organization (how to store baby clothes until you need them!)

Prepare for a new baby by organizing and storing baby clothes using this EASY method!

baby clothes storage bins

SO.MANY.BABY.CLOTHES!! Let me tell you about the baby clothes organization system I’ve used for two back-to-back babies and counting!

This is such an exciting time, and if you’re anything like me, you’re wondering how in the world you’re supposed to organize all of the baby clothes you’ve received, and what to do with the bigger sizes.

Hi, my name is Anna, and I LOVE to organize! Especially ANYTHING for a new baby! I’m here to help! You’re going to LOVE how easy this system is!

Now, let’s get to organizing those teeny-tiny baby clothes!!!!