THE BEST Toddler Fall Activities

SIMPLE & EASY fall activities for kids

family at the pumpkin patch

While I do love to craft, long elaborate crafts with toddlers is just not my idea of fun. For fall family fun fun, I prefer outdoor activities, easy snacks my toddler and I can make together, and the SIMPLEST of crafts.

I hope this compilation of fall activities helps you plan your October and November. Fun can be simple, y’all! And, mama… DO NOT TRY TO DO ALL OF THESE! Do as many (or as few) as your calendar/brain/patience allows. You’re doing great!

Travel with toddlers- planning tips!

5 tips to help save your sanity BEFORE you go on a trip with young kids

We got back from the beach a few weeks ago, and lemme tell ya, this mama needs a vacation after travel with toddlers!

Any mamas feel me? All of you? Yep, that’s what I thought, haha!

Travel with toddlers is hard, y’all! You think about the trip for a year, pack for weeks, and then before you know it you’re already back home and disappointed that it didn’t go as planned.

traveling with two toddlers

But, y’all! This time I did something different! I came back relatively satisfied with how the trip went, and I think it’s because I did these things! Try them out before your next trip and let me know how it goes!