Easter Basket Fillers for Toddlers

The PERFECT Easter Basket “formula”, plus OVER 20 Easter basket themes for 2-5 year olds!

preschooler easter baskets

Have no clue what you want to put in your kids’ Easter baskets this year? Check out these simple, themed Easter basket fillers for toddlers, preschoolers, and even young elementary-aged kids!

Keep reading to discover my Easter basket “formula” that takes the guess-work and stress out of making Easter baskets!

Toddler easter baskets

Where does the Easter Basket tradition come from?

Read a more in depth explanation here, but it’s believed by many that in the 1600s, as a part of the celebration of Eostre (a pagan fertility goddess), German protestants started telling their children that a hare (a pagan symbol of fertility) would bring colored eggs to well-behaved children.

Thus began the setting out of make-shift “nests” that turned into baskets and Peeps and all things that we now consider big parts of America’s commercial Easter!

Should we as Christians give Easter baskets to our Children?

Clearly, the Easter basket tradition is not a Christian tradition.

There are SO many things in our culture that started off as pagan traditions, but are now simply a part of our modern celebrations.

Unless your conscience prohibits it, I think it’s fine for us, as Christians, to give Easter baskets to our kids.

While I don’t think giving our kids Easter baskets is bad, I want to make sure to emphasize the TRUE meaning of Easter- Jesus’ death and resurrection- rather than simply defaulting to our culture’s commercial and secular celebrations of Easter.

easter basket fillers for toddlers

COMING SOON: Check out this post on how to make Christ the focus of your Easter celebration with young kids!

As Christians, we know that Easter isn’t about Eostre, or spring, or fertility, but is IS about NEW LIFE and RESURRECTION. The resurrection of Jesus Christ and the WAY he made for us when he rose again.

Message me if you’re interested in hearing about Jesus, or watch the video below to learn more about what Christians REALLY celebrate on Easter.

filling a toddler's easter basket

What are the best baskets for toddler Easter baskets?

It does NOT matter what you use for Easter baskets for your kids!

You can grab a cheap one from the Dollar Store, or Wal-mart, or if you want, purchase a nicer one when your kids are little for them to use as long as you fill their Easter basket. haha!

Here are a few cute Easter baskets for toddlers:

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Canvas Easter Basket

We happen to have ones similar to these that my mother bought when I was pregnant with my first. They’re sturdy and I think they’ll last a long time! Plus, they’re cute!

Easter Basket Ideas for Preschoolers

Personalized bunny basket

It’s not my style to personalize things, but I (shockingly) think Easter baskets are cute personalized!

Easter Basket Ideas for 2 year olds

Fluffy Bunny Easter Basket

This one is SO cute and fluffy! My daughter would love it!

(Is it practical for hunting Easter eggs? Probably not, but LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS!! haha!)

Easter Basket Ideas for 3 year olds

Cotton Seersucker Bunny Ears Basket

I LOVE THIS ONE, TOO! Put ears on anything and I’m in love! Plus seersucker in the spring? Sold!

Once again, it doesn’t really matter what Easter basket you use, and your kids certainly won’t care!

However, sometimes it is fun to buy something cute like those baskets above! Especially if you want to be able to reuse it over and over again!

Easter basket themes for toddlers

What should you put in Easter baskets for toddlers or preschoolers?

NOW TO THE FUN PART: filling the Easter baskets!!!


There are a few ways to go about this, and none are “right”. YOU DO YOU.

However, since this is a blog post about filling Easter baskets, I’ll show you how I like to do it!

the best Easter Basket ideas for toddlers and preschoolers

The BEST Easter Basket “formula”

I don’t like a lot of excess “stuff” in my house, so I don’t want to fill a basket with random things my kids don’t really need. Instead, I’ll stick to a certain number of items for the basket, and each item has a “category”.

Here’s my formula for filling a 2-5 year old’s Easter basket:

  1. Book
  2. Toy or Clothing Item
  3. Consumable/ Activity
  4. Food/Candy

To make it extra fun, choose a “theme” for the basket!

Something they’re really into at the moment: like bugs, barn animals, or dinosaurs!

For extra fun and to get your mind rolling (or to do the work for you!), I’ve put together some themed toddler Easter basket ideas for you!

Most of these follow my “Easter basket formula”, but some do not. Feel free to veer from the formula for your Easter baskets, it’s just a starting place!

Easter basket themes for 3 year olds

“Spring is here!” Easter basket

I love Easter baskets with a “springy” theme!

This basket will have your toddler ready for spring in no time!

Toddler Easter Baskets

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

Toddler Easter basket ideas

Rain jacket

Easter Basket Ideas for 2 year olds

Rain boots

Bunny Rabbit Easter Basket

Bunnies have become a huge part of the commercial Easter celebration.

Use the prevalence of bunnies around this time of year to teach your toddler about real bunnies.

Window clings and stickers are always a hit with my kids, and, BONUS, you can throw them away in a few days/weeks when they’re tired of them!

Add in a chocolate bunny, some Peeps, or these bunny crackers and you’re all set!

Easter basket ideas for two year olds

“Hop, Bunny”

Easter basket ideas for 18 month olds

Stuffed Bunny

what to put in my one year olds easter basket

Bunny Stickers or Window Clings

Egg-y Easter Basket

Eggs and Easter baskets just go together!

You could also throw in some plastic eggs filled with small candies or snacks, as well as a Cadbury or Reese egg. YUMMOO!!!

what to put in my two year old's easter basket


what to put in my 3 year old's easter basket

simple easter basket for toddlers

Foam egg craft

Weather Easter basket

Your toddler’s Easter basket is the perfect way to teach them about something they’re interested in, or something you want them to know!

We recently purchased this book about weather and it’s AWESOME!! Pairing it with a “weather station” would be an awesome way to teach your toddler more about weather!

For candy for this basket, put in some marshmallows (clouds), and a Reese cup (sun). If your child can eat them safely, these blue jelly beans could stand in for rain!

(For the record, I’m SO not the mom who matches candy to the basket… but it’s fun for me to think of ideas for it, so here we are! haha! If you’re me, throw in some Reese cups into any basket and you’re golden! haha!)

easy easter basket ideas for toddlers

“All About Weather”

easy easter basket ideas for preschoolers

Rainbow Stacker

easy easter basket ideas for preschoolers

Weather Station

Bird-Watching Easter Basket

Get your kids outside by getting them interested in birds!

Learn to bird-watch together!

My 3 year old son LOVES binoculars; I bet he would LOVE THIS!

Pair this basket with some Peeps!

easter basket for kids

“Bird-Watch: What will you find?”

non-candy easter basket ideas for toddlers


hands-on easter basket ideas for toddlers

Paint-your-own Birdhouse

Flowers Easter Basket

A flower basket is SUCH a fun spring theme for a toddler’s Easter basket!

These flower suckers go perfect with this basket!

spring easter basket ideas for toddlers

“From Seed to Plant”

easter basket gifts for toddlers

Realistic Flower Figurines

easter basket gifts for two year olds

Flower-planting kit

Butterflies Easter Basket

All toddlers I know love looking at caterpillars and butterflies!

Add in some gummy worms to stand in as caterpillars and your older toddler will love it!

(gummy candies can be choking hazards so use caution when giving them to your kids!)

easter basket gifts for 3 year olds

“From Caterpillar to Butterfly”

thoughtful easter basket ideas

Realistic Butterfly Figurines

2 year old easter baskets

Butterfly Growing Kit

Bug-lover Easter Basket

These are for your bug-loving kids!

Y’ALL, when trying to find “bug candy” I found THESE!!! PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY GIVING REAL BUG SUCKERS TO THEIR CHILDREN…… WHAT????? HAHA! I know people eat bugs, but I’m NOT into that! I bet kids would think they were cool though!

THIS bug candy is more my speed, but you do what you want!

3 year old easter baskets

“The Backyard Bug Book”

4 year old easter baskets

Realistic Bug Figurines

5 year old easter baskets

Bug-Catching Kit

Barnyard Easter Basket

Both of my toddlers LOVE their animal figurines, these Peek-A-Flap books, and the reusable puff stickers!

These together would make such a cute barnyard-themed Easter basket!

simple easter baskets

Peek-A-Flap Moo

easy easter baskets

Realistic Farm Animal Figurines

what to get a 2 year old for easter

Melissa and Doug Puffy Sticker Farm

Beach-ready Easter Basket

Last year I filled my kids’ Easter baskets with a few practical things I knew they would need for warm weather!

I LOVE the chin straps on these sun hats!

what to get a 3 year old for easter

“Ocean Life”

what to get a 4 year old for easter

Hooded Beach towel

what to get a 1 year old for easter

Sun hat

Outdoor Fun Easter basket

With spring coming, we are starting to be able to spend more hours outside!

Bubbles, bubble wands, and sidewalk chalk are ALWAYS a hit at our house! Pair those with a cute spring book like the one below- and you have yourself a super cute outdoor fun Easter basket for your toddlers!

what to get a toddler for easter

“And Then It’s Spring”

what to get a preschooler for easter

Bubble wands and Bubbles

what to get a two year old for easter

Sidewalk Chalk

Gardening Easter Basket

THIS BOOK is just the BEST!

If your kid loves to play in the dirt, this Easter basket theme is where it’s at!

We found our small gardening tools at Aldi a few summers ago, but I bet you could find them at a lot of different places when spring begins!

Purchase a plant at a local store, or buy this kit, and get outdoors with your kids this spring!

what to get a kid for easter

“Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt”

what does my kid need for easter

Gardening Tools for kids

easter gift guide for kids

easter gift guide for toddlers

“We Love Soccer”

easter gift guide for preschoolers

Toddler-sized Soccer Ball

easter gift guide for 2 year olds

Soccer shirt

Numbers Easter Basket

Don’t stress about teaching your toddler or preschooler tons of academic concepts, but gentle exposure is a good thing!

We LOVE these Poke-A-Dot books! There are SO many cute ones to choose from! They’re really good at helping kids with one-to-one correspondence (a fancy education word that means pointing to one object at a time as they count). And my daughter LOVES the popping noise the books make!

These foam numbers and letters can be used in sensory bins or as bath toys! They’re super fun and versatile!

I LOVE this number tracing board! Your child can use their finger (or a wooden dowel) to trace each number, while putting an object in each hole to help them equate the numeral with the amount it represents!

easter baskets for kids

“Poke-A-Dot: 10 Little Monkeys”

easter baskets for preschoolers

Foam Numbers (and letters)

easter baskets for little kids

Number tracing board

Letters Easter Basket

Once again, we LOVE these Poke-a-Dot books!

My kids also really enjoy magnets of any kind, and I love these name puzzles for sweet, personalized Easter baskets!

spring easter baskets for kids

“Poke-A-Dot: An Alphabet Spy”

easter basket fillers for toddlers

Magnetic Wooden Alphabet

easter basket fillers for preschoolers

Wooden Name Puzzle

Colors Easter Basket

This basket has an awesome book, sorting bears, and STICKERS! What more could you ask for!?

We LOVE these sorting bears for toddlers and preschoolers! Sorting is a great skill for young kids to master: have your toddler sort by size or color!

You can use them in the future to work on SO many things like patterns, counting, addition, SO MANY THINGS!

easter basket stuffers for 18 month old

“Poke-A-Dot: What’s Your Favorite Color?”

easter basket stuffers for 2 year olds

Rainbow Counting/Sorting Bears

easter basket stuffers for one year olds

Sticker Early Learning: Colors

Shapes Easter Basket

Get these Easter basket fillers if you want to introduce or review shapes with your toddler!

easter basket stuffers for 2 year olds


easter basket stuffers for 3 year olds

Wooden Shape Puzzle

easter basket stuffers for 3 year olds

Sticker Early Learning: Shapes

Little Chef Easter Basket

My kids love to help me in the kitchen!

If you want to get your child in the kitchen, fill their baskets with things for them to use in the kitchen with you!

Toddlers can do SO much more than we think they can! Mine love chopping, spreading, cracking eggs, stirring, pouring, and sprinkling all kinds of things!

best easter basket gifts for young kids

“Eating the Alphabet”

best easter basket gifts for toddlers

Nylon Toddler Knives and cutting board

best easter basket gifts for preschoolers

Toddler Apron

Play-Doh Easter Basket

I haven’t met a toddler who doesn’t like Play-Doh!

We LOVE these kits from Melissa and Doug to use with ours! Your toddler can practice cutting, rolling, and stamping the Play-Doh- these are all great hand-strengthening activities! Hand strength is important for writing!

best easter basket ideas for toddlers


best easter basket ideas for preschoolers

Melissa and Doug clay modeling kit

Dinosaur Easter Basket

My son (and his friends) LOVE dinosaurs!

We have and love all three of these!

Use the magnets on the fridge, or in the car on a cookie sheet!

Use the small figurines in a sensory bin, as counters, or just for play! There are so many possibilities with both of them!

best easter basket ideas for 1 year olds

“O Say Can You Say Din-o-saur?”

best easter basket ideas for 2 year olds

Dinosaur magnets

best easter basket ideas for 3 year olds

Mini Dinosaur Figurines

Fireman Easter Basket

These fireman Easter basket fillers are sure to be a big win with any toddler!

We LOVE walking by the fire station (and sometimes, if we are lucky, a fireman or two will come out and give my kids their own fire helmets!).

Teach your child about firemen and what they do for us by putting these in your toddler’s Easter basket this year!

(You can adapt this Easter basket to any community helper your child is interested in!)

easter baskets for little kids

“The Berenstain Bears Visit the Firehouse”

easter basket ideas for 5 year olds

Fireman uniform and accessories

easter basket fillers for 5 year olds

Die-Cast fire truck

Bath-time Fun Easter Basket

My toddler hasn’t always loved bath time.

But now he does! HOORAY!

WE LOVE bath paint, bubble bath, AND any books by Mo Willems!

These Easter basket fillers would be SO fun for any child, and maybe even HELPFUL if they are struggling with bath time!

easter basket ideas for 2 year old girls

“The Pigeon Needs a Bath”

easter basket ideas for 2 year old girls

Bath paint

easter basket ideas for 3 year old girls

Bubble Bath

Princess Easter Basket


Love them or hate them, they’re everywhere! Haha!

And, most little girls love them!

Pick one princess and theme your child’s Easter basket around her (Elsa or Moana, anyone?).

Or, like this basket, just have a general princess/dress-up themed Easter basket!

There are so many possibilities!

easter basket ideas for 3 year old girls

“5-Minute Princess Stories”

easter basket ideas for toddlers

Princess accessories and/or Tutus for playing dress up

toddler easter basket ideas

Paint with Water: Princess

Construction-themed Easter Basket

This is my son all-day, every-day.

If it’s construction, building, excavators, dump trucks, cranes, fork lifts… he’s into it!

We LOVE this book series by Sally Sutton. GET THEM ALL!

And my son plays with his tool box every.single.day.

We also LOVE these puff stickers by Melissa and Doug (these are great car, doctor, church activities for when you need your kid to stay quiet and seated!).

easter basket themes for toddlers


easter basket themes for preschoolers

Toddler Tool Set

easter basket ideas for 2 and 3 year olds

Vehicles Puff Sticker Activity Set

Final thoughts on Easter Baskets for Toddlers and Preschoolers

I hope these themed toddler and preschooler Easter baskets were helpful!

Hopefully they’ve given you some fun ideas as to what you could fill your kids’ Easter baskets with!

Remember, we give good gifts to our children because we are loved by a God who gives good gifts to us! Easter isn’t about these gifts, it’s about the Christ of Easter.

Lots of love,

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The PERFECT Easter Basket “formula”, plus OVER 20 Easter basket themes for 2-5 year olds!

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