House-cleaning schedule for stay-at-home moms

THE BEST, SIMPLE house-cleaning schedule for stay-at-home-moms! PLUS: how to make your own schedule!

Cleaning schedules used to STRESS ME OUT!

For one, I am NOT naturally a tidy person.

I like to throw my clothes on the floor when I change, I don’t “clean as I go” when I cook, and my husband would (lovingly) say that in general, I’m haphazard with most things in life (haha!).

However, as a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM), I’ve found that having a tidy home is a must for my sanity, and I have actually come to not mind cleaning and tidying up. BUT ONLY BECAUSE I try not to let things get out of hand and (TRY TO) follow my house-cleaning schedule.

Check it out below, and if mine doesn’t work for you, I’ll share how I made mine, so you can make your own!

Happy cleaning!

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must have cleaning schedule for SAHMs

Why do you need a cleaning schedule?

Truthfully, you might not.

If you are satisfied with how clean your house is, and don’t often feel like you’re months behind on cleaning, then you don’t need a cleaning schedule.

If you have a weekly or biweekly house-cleaner, you might not need one either.

However, if you’re like me, and constantly feel like you’re playing catch-up with cleaning tasks and perpetually not satisfied with the cleanliness of your home, a cleaning schedule might be what you need.

And don’t freak! You DON’T HAVE to follow this to the letter each and every day, week, month! I like to use mine as a guide! A simple reminder of the things I need to get done, and about when I would like them to get done.

Use your cleaning guide in whatever way works best for you, your family, your home, and your lifestyle. THE POINT IS TO FIND SOMETHING THAT WORKS FOR YOU!

how to make your own stay at home mom cleaning schedule

How to make your own house-cleaning schedule

I’m going to start with how to make your own house-cleaning schedule.

Click on and download my worksheets to help you, or do it on a scrap sheet of paper! Either way works!

Scroll down if you want to see my current cleaning schedule, and then come back up here if it’s not exactly what you need! We all have different houses and different definitions of cleanliness!

cleaning schedule for moms who stay home

1. Make a list of tasks YOU do to keep your house clean

Think through tasks YOU do to keep your house clean. I have a list of common cleaning tasks you can refer to, if needed. BUT THIS IS THE TIME TO BE REALISTIC!

Do you REALLY clean your blinds every month?

Do you really vacuum EVERY day?

Do you really WANT to scrub your bathtub every Friday?

It’s fine to make your schedule a LITTLE more idealistic than what you currently do (because, you’re doing this to get back on track with cleaning), BUT let’s not get crazy.


NOT to your neighbor (whose house is ALWAYS so perfect it’s annoying).

Make sure you make your schedule doable. No one’s house is perfectly clean all of the time, and yours isn’t the exception.

Make your schedule actually achievable or you will fail miserably.

A few notes about this step in creating your SAHM house-cleaning schedule:

  • Do not include things your spouse does (that would make this too complicated; you are in charge of you)
  • In my opinion, the easiest way to go about this is to think of each room/space in your house and go through the cleaning tasks you do in your mind to clean that space (use my worksheets to help you)
mom's cleaning schedule

2. Determine how often you do (or would like to do) each respective task

Take a look at the list of spaces and their respective tasks.

Think about how often you do each thing: daily, week;y, monthly, or seasonally.

If you’re like me, you may have even organized your tasks that way without even realizing it.

Now, get some highlighters, markers, or just use your pencil, and do the following:

  • Put a “D” beside tasks you do daily (or highlight in a specific color)
  • Put a “W” beside tasks you do weekly
  • Put an “M” beside tasks you do monthly
  • Put a “D” beside tasks you do seasonally

Note: Do not look at lists of what you SHOULD be doing daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally (or, look and then “forget”). This is too much and will stress you out. Go based off your version of “clean”, not what someone regarding how often you should do certain tasks. You know your family, how much you like to clean, and how much you NEED to clean to stay sane and happy in your home.

make your own cleaning schedule

3. Print one of my blank cleaning schedules and fill in your tasks

After taking a little time to think through your version of “clean” and how often you do/want to do your tasks, fill in your cleaning schedule!

TIP: You do NOT have to find a place for every single task on your list. There are a lot of things that I just do as they need to be done, and not on a set schedule. I do (VERY VERY occasionally) wipe down my blinds, but I DO NOT do that four times a year. Judge me if you want, but I know myself, and that doesn’t matter to me… so it’s not on my list. I wipe down my blinds when its (way past) time to, because I don’t care enough about it. YOU DO YOU.

cleaning schedule for moms who stay home

4. DON’T FORGET THIS STEP: Laminate the schedule (or slip it into a sheet protector) and hang it on your fridge with a dry-erase marker attached!

You’re not actually going to see/use the thing if it’s not somewhere where you can see it and if it’s not readily accessible TO use.










(But really, someone should add “cleaning” to the “death & taxes” idiom)

5. Get to cleanin’! Reflect and modify the cleaning schedule as needed.

Try to stick to the schedule for a few weeks.

See if you were honest in the frequency with which you do the tasks, or see if you think you need to move some things around a bit.

Move tasks around until you are more or less satisfied with how your home feels and how much cleaning you do per day.

daily weekly monthly seasonal cleaning schedule for moms

Check out my personal house-cleaning schedule

Above is the cleaning schedule that I created for myself, according to MY version of clean, and what tasks I prioritize in my home.

I’m not perfect, and neither is my schedule.

I am a tidier, and not a great cleaner, so this serves to remind me how frequently I need/think I should clean my floors (hint: it’s more than I actually do).

tidy nightstand with cleaning schedule

WHEN do stay-at-home-mamas (OR ANY MAMAS) HAVE TIME to CLEAN!?

So you’ve made your schedule and put it on your fridge….. NOW WHAT!?!?


Well, mama, that’s a good question.


Our babies are on us 24/7. And when we finally DO get time to ourselves, the LAST thing we want to do is clean.

(And honestly, we NEED some time to sit and veg, read a book, take a nap, or eat without someone saying our name.)

So, WHEN do we ACTUALLY get this cleaning thing done?!

cleaning schedule for SAHM

1. Build cleaning routines into your day

Make your bed every morning (and teach your children to make theirs).

Do your “daily” tasks right after your kids go to bed (or better yet, do them as a family!)

Clean your kitchen after dinner.

Start a load of laundry each morning.

Wipe the bathroom counter down after you wash your hands.

These simple actions that seem like nothing, but when built upon one another and done consistently, lead to a tidy home!

what to clean and when for moms

2. Clean while the kids are contained/occupied

Clean the bathroom while the kids are playing in the bathtub!

Put away the dishes while they’re at the table eating a snack.

Give them an activity at the table while you fold the laundry.

cleaning schedule for stay at home moms

3. Do one small thing at a time

See that your kids are playing nicely? Grab the dust rag and wipe down the end tables.

Organize one drawer a day while they watch a show.

Don’t try to clean your whole house in one day. I’ve attempted this A LOT; it NEVER works with kids.

Instead, set small, achievable goals.

Check out this article for tips for TONS more cleaning tips for mamas with young kids!

entrance coat organization cleaning schedule for mamas

Final thoughts on house-cleaning schedules for stay-at-home-mamas

Use a cleaning schedule or don’t.

Clean a lot, or clean a little.

These things aren’t ultimate.

Keeping a clean(ish) house helps you to get your house under control so that it doesn’t consume your thoughts. It allows you the mental space and the open arms for what TRULY matters: your babies.

I hope you found something helpful here; thanks for reading!

Lots of love,

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stay-at-home-mom cleaning schedule

THE BEST, SIMPLE house-cleaning schedule for stay-at-home-moms! PLUS: how to make your own AND a free printable schedule!

Hey, it's Anna! I'm a teacher-turned-SAHM of two young kids. I love to research all things parenting and kid-related and share them on here.


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    Thank you for this. It’s giving me a solid starting point! Best wishes <3

    1. Anna Barrett
      June 22, 2021

      Michelle, I’m so glad it was helpful! Thanks so much for reading!


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