House-cleaning schedule for stay-at-home moms

THE BEST, SIMPLE house-cleaning schedule for stay-at-home-moms! PLUS: how to make your own schedule!

Cleaning schedules used to STRESS ME OUT!

For one, I am NOT naturally a tidy person.

I like to throw my clothes on the floor when I change, I don’t “clean as I go” when I cook, and my husband would (lovingly) say that in general, I’m haphazard with most things in life (haha!).

However, as a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM), I’ve found that having a tidy home is a must for my sanity, and I have actually come to not mind cleaning and tidying up. BUT ONLY BECAUSE I try not to let things get out of hand and (TRY TO) follow my house-cleaning schedule.

Check it out below, and if mine doesn’t work for you, I’ll share how I made mine, so you can make your own!

Happy cleaning!

25+ gifts your husband (or ANY man) will love!

Raise your hand if you wish you could get away with never buying a gift for a man ever again?!

*Every woman on earth raises her hand*

Yep. Men are IMPOSSIBLE.

Women? Give me a date night, a cup of coffee, or a chocolate bar and I’m THRILLED.

Men? Nope. Nada. They’ll take it back. Every. single. time. (or, WORSE, never even open it and throw it in the bottom of the closet).

(Keep reading for some hopefully more-than-mediocre gift ideas for the men in your life this year)