Best gifts for Moms

Awesome birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s day gifts for any woman in your life!

mom and two daughters who want to buy gifts
My mom, sister, and I; 2018

I’ve gotten some fabulous gifts the past few years that I really can’t imagine living without! (#firstworld, I KNOW, but here we are). I’ve also seen some super cute gifts lately that I think would be awesome gifts- so I’m adding them as well!

If you’re looking for a good gift for your mom, aunt, grandmother, sister, or aunt- I hope you’ll be able to find something they would love on this list!

Best baby and one year old toys (and books!)

Toys and books your baby or one year old will love! These toys are PERFECT to help foster independent play right from the start!

one year old and baby best toys

I am passionate about independent play! It’s healthy and good for both kids and caregivers, and it’s SUCH an awesome skill to foster independence in all areas!

A great way to encourage independent play right from the start, is invest (or MAKE) good, age-appropriate toys that also encourage interaction from those playing.

Toys with lights and noise typically don’t require as much from the kids (and also, noises get on my nerves), so that’s why my toy lists don’t typically include those types of toys. (Although, mama, I’m not judging you if you use them; this is my personal preference!)

Keep reading for my favorite toys for babies and one year olds!

Best toys for 2 year olds

Our favorite toys for 2 and 3 year olds-pretend play, outdoor play, creative play, and more!

This is a list BEST toys for 2 year olds that my kids have reached for over and over again!

I. love. good. toys.

I also love a good toy list or “gift guide”.

So, that’s what this is: compilation of my kids’ favorite toys from 2 through 3, and maybe a few toys I wish we had (that friends have), as well as some toys that are on our wish list for this year!

Let me know; what are your kids’ favorite toys? Did I miss any 2-3 year old toys that I need to add to my list!?

best toys for 2 year old boys
My sweet baby boy; Christmas morning 2019 (newly 2 years old)